Fleas in Tight Pants

3rd edition 2008, 8" x 10", 92 pages.
ISBN 1-438233-96-5
EAN-13 978-1-438233-96-3
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Originally published in 1984 by Xerox Sutra Editions. Poems, fictions & glifs by a true mutant of the human race. Too real. This book collects all of the early Malok texts.

Fleas in Tight Pants

...wanted to shove a lemon in that pat
Buddha's eye. He was just sittin' there,
lotus and lucky, starin' off into space,
how cliche, you say, well so they say, is
that all there is; latch onto a light beam
and take off, listen, understand, I don't
care one wit. There's a toothed tit over
there, I could use the breast-feeding now.
She's strong, she moved our table, all by
lonesome exist signs and deserted juke music.
I wondered if I would ever find the time,
to find that elusive minute, of time passing
by. My orbs fell in love, that first moment,
across the beer cluttered floor (Jay and the
Americans), more cliche, you say, well my
friend, eat a fart. As the beer was mouthing
water-filled bubbles and brine! I'm just
another pretty face. There is no females
in the world, only other faces and facts,
looking out. They are human, too,
just like our first cave dwellers, clubbed,
pulled, the hairy roots at
point ONE.


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