Gris Gris Malkuth

1989, 9.5x8.5, 24 pgs.


John Eberly and Jake Berry summon collaborative writings & drawings created back & forth through the mail, set in a quirky typestyle designed by Amendant Hardiker. "...shearing valve greased tunisian bath attendant..."

"Halfeaten fish head negative wandered and fingerbranched wither entrhond glasine target dropped leitmotif spits telethon of firebreathing guppy maggotry manifesting unwashed socket pulp ethyl toothbrush viedo shzammn to lard leg watermelon lawn mower infanticide tweed over load creep pianotuner shitsink watery blood cucumber misathrope bedsore beautymark mole blurring high sheen demarcation plague of tears garbled insensate masking geomancy foreign lesion cloud unknowing festering graveside tentative godfierce my bucking ulcerface"


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Price: $4.00