by Steve McCaffery

2015. 8.5x11, 130 pages
ISBN-10: 1-936687-25-9 | ISBN-13: 978-1-936687-25-1
~forthcoming April 15, 2015


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"This catalogue/collection presents works from four decades of poet Steve McCaffery’s engagement with techniques, technologies, and concepts of visual composition. Those familiar with McCaffery’s theoretical and poetical work will take pleasure in seeing this brief survey of (mainly unpublished) pieces—and reflecting on the historical span they track. Readers who do not know his many works will profit from an introduction to the creative range of a major figure in contemporary (graphic) poetry."

—Johanna Drucker

"It’s exciting to review another stunner by one of the all-time great, experimental writers and poets of the contemporary, English speaking world. In this book, McCaffery includes one of my favorite forms of artistic/poetic expression, works made with typewriting he designates as “typestracts.” The latter originated from Edwin Morgan’s labeling of dom sylvester houedard’s typed works. However, in deference to McCaffery, the term fails to convey the artistic visuality of McCaffery typed compositions in this book. I prefer to call his work “typed artpoe” with a self-evident meaning because his artistry, poetic prowess, and agile command of the typewriter are so esthetically compelling. I would be remiss if I did not mention the many other reproductions of word/image art in this book that will prompt repeated savoring of their visual qualities and interpretations of the obvious as well as the cryptic poetics. I could not fail to notice that his explanatory essay is dated Friday the 13th , a date in Western cultures thought to be unlucky, perhaps a deliberate ruse on McCaffery’s part. But get over that thought and buy this book—you’ll be lucky to have it on your shelf!"

—Marvin A Sackner, Co-Founder Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry

Graphic Novella

"How terrific to have this facet of poet Steve McCaffery’s creative work available in one volume. Steve is, of course, an excellent scholar and a poetic innovator. And to see these parts of his complexity manifest in the poem is, well, really, it is invaluable. He grants these forms of poetry a tradition. Then they are playful, and beautiful, beautiful emerging and seamlessly organic poems. Thinking as I read/performed Revanches—how exciting! Each poem an invitation to engage with poetry that exists most fresh and alive without hamper in our realm of the poem."

—Michael Basinski, The Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, University at Buffalo

"Revanches is a grand survey of visual poetry neatly wrapped up in a new edition. The complete text takes a wide spectrum of the form and gifts the reader with history, as it runs from Concrete and Visual poetry, to Asemic writing. There are many constellations which bring the reader among the stars, and then back again to terrestrial origin. The poems break, run, and jump; letters cool and then move out, always mapping the descent into noise. Digital rainbows sail on and across the poetry damage. Letters run traces in these ingenious masterworks. No taboos of the form are left unexplored. Read it and you wont be dissapointed!"

—Michael Jacobson

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