The Missing Text Of The Lost Tower

1993, 19 pgs, 8.5 x11, b + w
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Subtext by Elizabeth Was. Yet another text discovered in the ruins of the future Babel. A slight invocation to the switching roles of meaning & sound. This publication marks the debut of Smooth Anarchy font by Amendant Hardiker.

from the book:

No mind no matter, who hopes. I can hear doubt and pentacles of new meetings. They come in couples and act in vogue with excited chemistry. After science has disappeared the rehearsal will be over. Suspension is deposited in violation of previously invented treaties. No one goes without a house to call their own. Hip districts of love & more tangle than bundle. He won't read that, so punch outward. The tower, brackled by ivy in the age of huts learnt by virtue of position. There is no going back. Work wrangles the have-nots. A blurt in the road impedes the progress which we had grown accustomed to. In variation the reverse is true. Hand-warmers and mustache watches. They are waiting on the train. Hold your crotch in her mouth. Can you take it. "Writing is always virtual."



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