32 • David Baptiste Chirot


from the introduction:
"I began making rubBEings in Spring 1999. Walking a great deal, finding materials to bring home to use—I realized I was already in an immense work room—surrounded by letterings, words, signs—that I could copy on site and make arrangements from directly. Immediately I purchased a lumber crayon and cheap note pad and the rubBEings became not only part of daily life but of my dreams and memories as well.

RubBEings may well be the oldest form of copy art. Rearranging found signs and letterings, one arrives at visual poems that emerge from the existent materials. By moving from site to site, one is collaging, combining scattered elements to juxtapose and create new arrangements."

Geof Huth's review of RubBEeings at dbqp: visualizing poetics


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