33 • Carlos M. Luis


Next time you're picking thru the ruins of Modern Literature, take a few moments to scan the Dilapidarium, a selection of pieces from 2 works by Carlos M. Luis. If you look close enough you might see tex(t)ural fields of otherlanguage shifted by multiple frames of reference or if you're really lucky, you may see something that no one else does.

from the introduction:


The genesis of these Walls should be found, then, in my first contact with Cage's musical rendering of Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake". I have attempted to capture the atmosphere of his music by adding visual elements (plus collages of fragments of his work) that appear in one way or another all along in the book. It is my way of paying an homage to two of the most fundamental creators of the Twentieth Century and of all times.


These "Palimpsests'' are my attempt to transfer into a combination of computer made prints, watercolors and collages illustrating the impact that Beckett's works have exercised on my imagination over a number of years without diminishing until this very day.


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