61 • Stephen Nelson


Arcturian Punctuation

2016. 8.5x11, 24 pages.
from the introduction:

My own approach to the writing here, to vispo in general, involves using the alphabet we have in clean, concrete combinations. I love letters, but I want letters to combine in new and unforeseen ways, not just to fall apart from the old ways. It’s about the continual drive to connect with the unknown creatively. I’m also happy to allow the technology to shape the writing to a certain extent, with its own random chance intelligence. An earthbound artificial intelligence, integrating with the native strain. I’m interested in various forms of clean, concrete writing, from pwoermds to complex letter compositions. Life, and poetry, in infinite variety.

In astroglyphysicist Stephen Nelson’s re(:)markable Arcturian Punctuation, grammar has supernovaed and language has continued to expand. By the time these vispo transmissions have reached us, the alphabet is no longer the singularity but a wormhole to multifreeverses. We are beguiled by strange coincidences where symbols seem to mean, where communication is inferred by a slight bending of light around the gravity of textual marks which seem familiar but yet are actually interstellasemic iconstellations from an otherwordly codex transcribed either as a result of Nelson’s visionary tinfoil hativistics or because the centre of his brain is radiant with Arcturian light. We don't need to wait for signs of marvellous extraterrestrial intelligence. We have them right here. We is another and they is us.

—Gary Barwin

Stephen Nelson’s Arcturian Punctuation, named after extraterrestrials thought to be from the fifth dimension, reconfigures language in visual poems of movement, beauty, and depth. In one poem, the @ sign, the quintessential typographical device of the information age, radios out from a planetary body, signaling into the cosmos for a new kind of reader. Asterisks drip from a faucet instead of drops of water, Earthly punctuation transforms into otherworldly word problems, and an alternative logo stands defiantly against the empire of branding. Geometric forms appear. In these poems, natural and mathematical languages are no longer ruled by the proscriptive axioms of normative communication. This is a hyperdimensional poetry for the age of The New Spacetime.

—Amy Catanzano

Xerolage 58

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