Most of our books & tapes are made to order & the majority of our interactions are in person or thru the mails. Since products are made to order, there are fewer limitations as to how many titles we can distribute & unlimited freedom to experiment.

Please include 15% postage & handling, $1.00 minimum. €Overseas orders will be sent Surface Book Rate, which can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. If you want to receive books sooner, you can send more $ for Airmail. €For Airmail rate, figure that $15 worth of books is roughly equal to 1 lb. Calculate Airmail postage based on the rate from US to your country. [Because there are 5 different rates for different parts of the world, we cannot use a standardized percentage.] Your local post office will be able to give you an accurate figure. €All orders should be cash, check or money order in advance, as our items are often made to order. €For overseas customers, use an International Money Order (IMO) drawn in US funds & add $1 processing fee. €Please do not send foreign currency or foreign checks.

Distributors/Bookstores: We cannot do consignment, but we do offer 20% discount for multiple orders exceeding $100 or of 5 or more books of the same title, in advance. We do accept purchase orders from universities & institutions. Note that no prices are printed on the merchandise itself, allowing sellers to make their markup.

All prices listed are for soft-bound editions. Any book can also be ordered as a hand-painted hardcover for $15.00 additional. Our hardcovers are RECYCLED from discarded books & then treated. Special one-of-a-kind hand-colored editions of almost any visual/verbal title can be commissioned. (These come with a painted hardcover.) Query for quotes. Color-xerox copies of some titles are also available.